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Imagine your guests reaction when they see your dazzling signature cocktails on acrylic! 

Our custom bar signs make a perfect addition to your wedding and will amaze your guests. 
Each and every sign is individually designed, lasercut, etched and painted. 

You have the option to customize the acrylic color, the fonts, drinks, and style to match your wedding perfectly. 
Please include titles of drinks and/or ingredients as well as your bar stock (beer, wine, spirits, champagne etc). 

The sign is 8x10 and is laser cut, layered, and printed on specialty marble acrylic and comes with the clear acrylic stand.

Your bar sign will be a dazzling show stopper. 

Be creative!
Let's show your guests what's coming. 

I would love to work with you to make your details pop!

What size will my sign be?
The standard size is 8x10. 

How long does it take to make these?
The typical turnaround time is between 1 to 2 weeks  but you will need to contact me to get a more accurate timeframe for your order. Depending on your wedding date, sometimes I can turn them around much faster. 

How does the process work?
I ask that you send me a note with the drinks that you would like included as well as a photo of your wedding invitation if you would like for me to match the fonts. If you are creating a custom font, please also include a photo of what the drink should look like. I can coordinate these to match your style/ theme perfectly. I will send a demo first and once we get it perfect, it will go to print!

Custom bar menu with laser cut details

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